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The image with usa, flag, vote, woman Artisticco Llc - Dreamstime . These are the answers pixwords for your search. To make a more accurate selection of responses pixwords choose the exact number of letters of that word - including spaces. The results will definitely surprise you and will help you get to the next level of the game PixWords.

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usa, flag, vote, woman Artisticco Llc - Dreamstime
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vote  (vōt)n.1. a. A formal expression of preference for a candidate for office or for a proposed resolution of an issue: Let's decide the matter by vote.b. The act of voting: It took several votes to decide the matter.c. A means by which such a preference is made known, such as a raised hand or a marked ballot: looked around the room and counted the votes in favor.2. The number of votes cast in an election or to resolve an issue: a heavy vote in favor of the bill.3. A group of voters alike in some way: the African-American vote; the rural vote.4. The result of an election or referendum: The measure was defeated in a resounding negative vote.5. The right to participate as a voter; suffrage: when the nation gave the vote to women.v. vot·ed, vot·ing, votes v.intr.1. To express one's preference for a candidate or for a proposed resolution of an issue; cast a vote: voting against the measure.2. To express a choice or an opinion: The children voted unanimously by jumping up and down.v.tr.1. To express one's preference for by vote: voted the straight Republican ticket.2. To decide the disposition of by vote, as by electing or defeating: vote in a new mayor; voted out their representative; vote down the amendment.3. To bring into existence or make available by vote: vote new funds for a program.4. To b
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