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The image with jean, blue, head, cap, sun Ryby - Dreamstime . These are the answers pixwords for your search. To make a more accurate selection of responses pixwords choose the exact number of letters of that word - including spaces. The results will definitely surprise you and will help you get to the next level of the game PixWords.

Great! You have found the answer for pixwords image that gave you trouble. Under the picture below is the answer PixWords.

jean, blue, head, cap, sun Ryby - Dreamstime
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CAPabbr.1. Civil Air Patrol2. combat air patrolcap 1  (kăp)n.1. A usually soft and close-fitting head covering, either having no brim or with a visor.2. a. A special head covering worn to indicate rank, occupation, or membership in a particular group: a cardinal's cap; a sailor's cap.b. An academic mortarboard. Used especially in the phrase cap and gown.3. a. A protective cover or seal, especially one that closes off an end or a tip: a bottle cap; a 35-millimeter lens cap.b. A crown for covering or sealing a tooth.c. A truck cap.d. A tread for a worn pneumatic tire.e. A fitted covering used to seal a well or large pipe.f. Chiefly Southern US See eye.4. A summit or top, as of a mountain.5. An upper limit; a ceiling: placed a cap on mortgage rates.6. Architecture The capital of a column.7. Botany a. The top part, or pileus, of a mushroom.b. A calyptra.8. a. A percussion cap.b. A small explosive charge enclosed in paper for use in a toy gun.9. Any of several sizes of writing paper, such as foolscap.10. Sports An appearance by a player in an international soccer game, traditionally rewarded with a hat.tr.v. capped, cap·ping, caps 1. To cover, protect, or seal with a cap.2. To award a speci
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