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The image with kiss, woman, mouth, man, lips Bowie15 - Dreamstime . These are the answers pixwords for your search. To make a more accurate selection of responses pixwords choose the exact number of letters of that word - including spaces. The results will definitely surprise you and will help you get to the next level of the game PixWords.

Great! You have found the answer for pixwords image that gave you trouble. Under the picture below is the answer PixWords.

kiss, woman, mouth, man, lips Bowie15 - Dreamstime
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kiss  (kĭs)v. kissed, kiss·ing, kiss·es v.tr.1. To touch or caress with the lips as an expression of affection, greeting, respect, or amorousness.2. To touch lightly or gently: flowers that were kissed by dew.3. To strike lightly; brush against: barely kissed the other car with the bumper.v.intr.1. To engage in mutual touching or caressing with the lips.2. To come into light contact.n.1. A caress or touch with the lips.2. A slight or gentle touch.3. A small piece of candy, especially of chocolate.4. A drop cookie made of egg whites and sugar.Phrasal Verbs: kiss off Slang 1. To dismiss or reject.2. To be forced to give up or regard as lost: He can kiss off that promotion.3. To leave or disappear from notice: got bad press by telling the reporters to kiss off. kiss up Slang To behave obsequiously; fawn.Idioms: kiss ass Vulgar Slang To act submissively or obsequiously in order to gain favor. kiss goodbye Informal To be forced to regard as lost, ruined, or hopeless: She can kiss her vacation plans goodbye.[Middle English kissen, from Old English cyssan.]kiss′a·ble adj.
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